So will be in china for 6 months soon, and the only real home comfort I'll have is my guitar if im lucky, I was wondering if it would be okay to remove the stratocaster guitar neck screws, with strings still attached and fold in into a carry on bag?
and then reasemble it and have no problems? or will there be problems doing that? have never done this before so just double checking. Don't really wanna make the guitar an issue when getting on a plane. If I can do this as a no hassle option it would be perfect, it's only a mid range cheapish guitar but cant be assed worrying about if there will be enough room for a full size guitar in compartments and/or bitchy flight staff who want to break my guitar in a cargo hold
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I can't see any problem with that, except I would take the strings off.

I would like one of these, because of the convenience and look:


They have been around a long time, and the acoustics have a good reputation, don't know about the electrics. The designer, Harvey Leach, is one of the "big name" acoustic luthiers.
Yea think it'll be okay, those guitars you linked are pretty dam cool however If I can do the same pretty much with my guitar (albeit not as easily) I dont really see the need for one ( god knows I have too many guitars with special names as it is dont tempt me man )
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As long as you don't need shims, etc., and the neck retains the correct angle when you reinstall it, you should be good. Most of my guitars are set neck or neck-through, so this really isn't an option.

Mine fly in Anvil cases that weigh a ton and coddle their contents in lots of foam.
Sounds okay for the guitar itself (keep shims and other loose items for use in re-installing it).

The bigger problem might be airport security ......
According to airlines you should be able to take guitar as carry on, but yes, you can unscrew the neck and fold in bag or even leave in suitcase. I transported a neck that way to Europe and there was no damage.

The Voyager guitar is a huge piece of junk, been there done that. It is kindling quality.

The Voyager guitar is a huge piece of junk, been there done that. It is kindling quality.[/QUOTE"]

That's interesting, because the early imported acoustic version got a lot of positive reviews from acoustic aficionados. What were the problems?

Fender have done a deal to use the patented hinge joint.