hello everyone!

newbie here

it is good to be here in UG!

let me start by introducing myself

you can call me landz, i hail from a small city of the Philippines called Cebu! i am an easy going person, i like to help other people, music is really my passion. been playing guitar for quite sometime now, i also play electric bass but guitar is my primary weapon of choice. i am an AXE guy lol.

my music taste is really BROAD! but i listen mostly to classic stuff, genres ranging from classic rock, to smooth jazz to metal (from allman to zappa).. though i play blues, classic rock, hardrock, 80's glam, and lil bit of 90's rock.

and now for my concern, i need help getting my first tube amp. my choices are peavey 6505+ combo, blackstar ht-40, marshall MA50, and marshall DSL40c.

as mentioned above, i play blue, classic rock, hardrock, and glam metal. to name few bands, it would be hendrix, eagles, van halen, poison, STEEL PANTHER!!!.

my tone target would be to nail, Steel panther's guitar tone in their feel the steel and balls out album.

i want an amp that could do most of my music taste. i know that satchel ( steel panther ) uses a 5150 which is just a 6505 but he plays only metal and i play other stuffs too. i heard blackstar is a really versatile amp that would cover my musical taste, but base on what i read on the net about blackstars is that it is not a full tube amp. it is a hybrid between a tube and a solid state. watched a hundred demos in youtube, it sounded killer though, but to me it does not sound like a tube amp. experts! i need help.

other thing is that, i am not a gigging musician, i just want to jam in my studio with my friends. if i choose 6505+ 60 watt combo, is it enough to compete with a loud drummer? or 60w is too much of an amp for a studio? please i need help with this one.

any advice would be appreciated!
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Don't think you'll go wrong in which of the four amps you choose as they all will work for what you want to do.

60 watts tube is more than enough to compete with a loud drummer. 30 to 50 watts tube will the job just fine.

As far as Blackstar is concerned, they are unpopular on this board due to Blackstar's marketing strategy, as opposed to the amps themselves. Let your ears decide if a Blackstar is right for you. Personally, I like Blackstar amps and other than a speaker swap (this goes for the Marshall DSL40C also) the amp is just fine IMO.