Working on a song for my band practice to bring in tomorrow, wanted to get your guys opinions. it runs up to what is the chorus part, so its just about a little under 3 min long.

only song on my profile right now, here's the link https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8qXmlIQxFXyclJZbGVVaFpaV3hLMVljNHFxQTctQXAxdV9z&authuser=0

and if you give me some tips i'll definitely give you guys a review on whatever youd like

note its basically just a rough sketch. just really want to know if it sounds like it could be dope
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Err...dude, can you upload it to Soundcloud or something? There seems to be a permission thing to access the Google-whatever-drive.
Purple string dampener scrunchy.
Vocals are a bit wobbly, I guess you are not the lead vocalist? The chord progression and arpeggiation sounds fantastic.

I really like how the song gets stronger, but it feels as though there is no real connection between the verses are chorus.

The chorus sounds awesome though, some real great groove there. Very progressive at the same time.

The instrumental piece after it sounds very good, very well harmonized guitars.

I like the transition to the next verse, though timing could've been a little better. I guess all of these are little kinks you can work out with your band, unless ofcourse you want to leave them because of personal choice. I know some bands do stuff like that.

Overall with a bit of work and polishing this could be a very solid song.


Purple string dampener scrunchy.