I am not sure whether to get the MXR Carbon Copy or the Boss DM2W. I am looking for a warm, clear short delay to get a bigger sound for lead guitar and riffs. I will be using distortion, however I use a Strat, thus it will sound clear not muddy. The Boss DM2W sounds clearer, but the MXR Carbon Copy sounds more versitile. Thanks in advance.
I have the carbon copy and can vouch for its excellence.
If you're after a warm delay then you can't go too far wrong with the MXR.
Both mad pedals. Bottom line very equal comes down to what sounds good to your ears and the best deal.
Out of those 2 the MXR

But I highly suggest you look at the TCE Flashback or Alter Ego
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No experience with the Boss, but I own the Carbon Copy and it sounds awesome. Made myself stop using it so much because a pedal like that can breed dependency.
Carbon copy and I've owned/own Earthquaker delays original boss dm2 handful of others but still circle back to the CC.
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seriously look into a malekko 616. it is so much better than a carbon copy, its not funny. they are about the same price, and the features overwhelm.