I find I enjoy my own music, and at a friend's suggestion I started recording my music. They are not meant to have vocals, and all are recorded on a cell phone with an acoustic guitar so inconsistencies are bound to be there. I'm not claiming to be anything I'm not, but if you want, tell me what you think, and if you enjoy what you hear throw me a like on youtube/subscribe/share. My channel is "David pks", All song names are welsh because of my heritage, and it seems cool to me, as well all pics on videos were taken on the same phone. Enjoy.

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I can definitely feel this cultural vibe. I do advice one thing but you don't have to do it, you should consider adding percussion to your music, and I mean the percussion from your acoustic, make some form of beat, any kind to your desire. It may be difficult to do at the same time but it'll add something to your music because it's great as it is.
Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. I want to add acoustic percussion but it is difficult, I'm working on it though.

Here are 2 more I made. Darn Arian i made to commemorate a few friends and family members who passed away, they now have a coin for Charon.

I will C4C,
subscribe/like/share if you enjoy what I play. Ty


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Hi mate thanks for the crit on my songs. I've had a listen to a four of these and I like what you are doing my favourite is Tagnefedd gyfiawn, I know these are recorded on a phone but I reckon get some good strong recordings in a studio, I could defiantly hear these being used for something. Great work man keep it up!
cool tunes man. welsh pride! (i'm actually only 1/4 welsh - 1/4 english and 1/2 lithuanian)

anyways, i think you'd definitely benefit from a more complex recording setup. better quality sound and maybe some airy ambient overdubs would definitely be cool to listen to. or, as previously stated, percussion, for others. even just a hand drum, or tapping on the top/side of the guitar. or a foot stomp, or tambourine. or humming, if you're into that. they could go very different directions, don't be afraid to experiment and take your songs further. you've got a lot of very different ideas here, and it's definitely a good start.

audacity is a free editing program which you could use to mix tracks/overdubs. i use cubase (you can get a free trial of the limited edition - or, following these steps, a free copy of it - http://www.futureproducers.com/forums/production-techniques/getting-started/free-cubase-le-anyone-383917/). it can be a bit of a pain to get the signal chain working though. and by a bit of a pain i mean you might at times want to throw your computer out the window :P. i'd say just importing stuff from your phone into audacity would be a good place to start. you can listen to playback through headphones when recording second+ tracks so you don't hear your speakers on second tracks, etc.

keep on playing, too. you've got cool songs and ideas but they could be more polished/confident on a whole. i'm hearing some slight hesitations at time, but that'll disappear with practice and as the songs become more concrete in your head.

congrats and condolences, and keep up the good work!
by the way, i stole this riff.
Thanks for the feedback, I do agree experimentation is gonna help a lot, but unfortunately I do not own a computer , I own a cellphone only lol. I've got a guy who has a studio, but he wants $10.00 per song, plus $10.00 per CD made. As well, I improv a lot on these, so keeping them 100% the same is hard, I want to find out how to fix them using the recordings as is, I'll check out audacity when I can afford a computer. Lol guitars always come first!

Welsh pride! <3 it
sounds good to me, quite unique. It will be awesome if u add in percussion
Somehow, I feel this stuff would work brill in conjunction with some black metal style instrument work

That said, this is very alien to me, never heard anything like it before. The vibe is very different from a normal western song, it's very folkish, but not any kind of folk I've heard before. Welsh folk I guess, from your OP?

Well, your playing is solid. Could do with a proper recording setup. Why don't you buy a basic SM57 and an interface like a 2i2 off ebay or craigslist or something? It would do justice to your work. Good input, double tracking, a bit of light reverb, and one of these, the little box thing the percussionist in this vid is sitting on and whacking with his hand, don't know what they are called-


1:20, that box. Would sound epic IMHO if you could implement this.
Its a meinl, and man ive been trying for days to implement it, but its so hard to do lol.
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Hey there,

I love the concept. The songs are cool and the pictures complement them nicely. It would be amazing if you had a chance to record them "properly". I could imagine this a great CD with percussion, ambiance, and a booklet with those pictures on it. Maybe some little writings on each page.

Love it
ty both.

I think if I turn this into a CD I will leave as is, and call it something like, beginning days, or garage days lol. I like the errors, and all the imperfections, it kind of makes me feel like a real boy. I think lol. Just to me makes it more practical and realistic, not all modded out, or edited to only include the best, it is my essence to the fullest. I have 2 more tracks I am working on. ty all, as always c4c
Very cool. Somehow there is bit classical guitar vibe combined with your own expression. IT fits to the pictures. Maybe you have the opportunity to get better recordings.