so i am still pretty much a beginner and trying to self teach, been learning open chords, power chords, some octave chords, what i want is to be able to start practicing soloing but dont know where to start, any advice would be greatly appreciated as i am finding hard trying to tesch myself, thanks in advance
One of the best things to learn especially if you want to solo or learn scales is the finger per fret method. You can find quite a lot of detail on this via the internet but it kind of looks like this in tab.


The idea is to use each finger on your fretting hand - Index, Middle, Ring, Pinkie for each note.
Fret 1 - Index
Fret 2 - middle
Fret 3 - Ring
Fret 4 - Pinkie

If you struggle to find anything on the internet or you want a more in-depth explanation, just send me a message and i'll happily help. Good luck with the guitar mate.
Best way to start is to just play solo's. What bands do you like? Surely you listen to some bands with easy solo's. Start learning some easy solo's by bands you like. That's the best advice I have. Nothing will help you improve more than just doing it.

This guy gives some pretty solid advice: