Poll: Which of these Guitars would you go for?
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Adrian Smith Jackson
11 85%
Ibanez Jem Junior
1 8%
EVH Frankenstrat
1 8%
Voters: 13.
Hey guys,

Well the wife has given me the nod for a specialy 40th birthday present. Im looking at one of the following guitars:

Jackson Smith SX
EVH Frankie
Ibanez Jem Jnr

obviously, all these guitars can be had for around £350-£500 but im leaning towards the Smith. Ive actually owned a Jem 555 in the past and that was a sweet player, but im not too sure the Jnr will match up to it. The EVH is a nice guitar too, but the one pickup is something im not keen on, plus ive already made myself a Frankie The Adrian Smith model seems to be the more versatile of all three and i love the neck on it.

So what would you guys choose?
I'm not sure what the question is, really. You seem to prefer the Jackson, so get the Jackson. It's got a Floyd Special so if you put a brass block and steel saddles on it you'll basically have an OFR; no doubt the other guitars are nice too but you haven't given any reason not to buy the Jackson.
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Personally I'd go for the Adrian Smith SDX, awesome guitar and built really well. Electronics and parts are all really good for the price.

As K33nbl4d3 says, stick a brass block on the FR and that'll improve it greatly. Either that or spend the money to upgrade the bridge pick up to something to suit you more.