when you feel you need a new one.

contact Dunlop by email and tell them you'd like to try a sample pack of pick's, they will probably send you a free sampling of different gauges and styles (*they used to any way)
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I prefer new picks over old picks, I buy a load every few months. I've heard that Tommy Emmanuel used the same pick for 10 years straight at one point. It's all down to preference really
I prefer newer ones. I like the consistency of the length of the picks between picks because we I don't always use the same one.

Dunlop had a deal this black friday for a buy 6 dozen picks get 6 dozen free. I'm good for a while now.
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I got my hands on a few Swiss Picks Sharp Cheddars and they seem to really last. And also, they look pretty cool.
i use carbon fiber jazz 3's and they last forever.

but, yea if you think you need a new pick, get one. they are cheap, who gives a shit?

before switching to the carbon fiber picks, i would use tortex, and i would eat them up fast. i wouldn't throw them away, i would give them to people. some people think its cool to have a guitar pick .
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When I should buy new? Doesnt matter if it's heavy or light...

When it's so worn down that the point you counted on can't be redone with some sanding.

I use fairly thick picks (2mm-3mm), and I've found that different pick materials wear differently (not an unexpected revelation). The picks I normally use are a bit expensive, so I'll take some sandpaper to them occasionally and spruce them up until I notice that the shape is definitely not what it used to be (or when it becomes tough to work with it).

If this becomes an issue with you (old pick), buy a Pick Punch and some of their pick material. You can spend an evening in front of the vid producing picks and sanding down their edges until they're where you like them. MUCH cheaper than buying picks if you're using the general run of medium thickness things.

You can also punch out your old credit cards (with the "Jazz" size pick punch I can get about seven picks per card), sand 'em down a bit on the edges, and go to it. I leave Pick Punch Produced Picks (alliteration!) Perched Precariously for Purloining at Parties, where I know my pick-thieving friends will snag a few, and where the hot chicks will want to pose with a guitar and/or show off their D chord. The good picks (and good guitars) are locked up, and a couple of cheapos are left out for that kind of goofingaroundage.

Look up pickpunch.com

Otherwise, get some sandpaper and get to work on your picks. They're not dead until you SAY they're dead.
I've been messing around with 3D printing my own. Started doing it for a mate, he likes his a certain profile, and has to sand them down before he can use them.

It's a bit hit and miss, been trying different materials and thicknesses to see what works best. Good fun.