Hi folks,
I am in the process of building an evh Frankenstein style guitar. I have stripped the black paint off a strat body, but have taken off the sanding sealer as well in some areas. I know the primer will soak right in here, and I haven't got any sanding sealer to hand. My question is can I use knotting fluid instead, as I have a big bottle of that, and I heard they are very similar.

Many thanks

well, if you are painting it again, you shouldnt have sanded it that far down. When repainting, you just scuff sand with 400 grit. Going back to the wood is pointless.
I have never heard of knotting fluid before. Not sure it it would be compatible with paint. but a sealer on a guitar should be a hard coat.
Yeah thanks I thought so. I sanded down to the wood because I wasn't sure what type of paint had been used, and I have heard of incompatibility issues between paints.