I want to upgrade the pickups on my Schecter C-1 Elite, which I've left stock for the seven years or so I've owned it. I love the guitar, and it's currently my backup, but the Duncan Designed pickups have worn out their welcome.

I've been considering getting the Dimarzio John Petrucci set (Crunchlab and Liquifire) but I'm not sure how they would sound in my setup. Upgrading to real Seymour Duncans could be another option. I'd like to stick to those two brands, if possible.

Amp: Carvin V3M (head/cabinet)
Musical influences: Protest the Hero, Animals as Leaders, Coheed and Cambria, Dream Theater

Thanks for the help!
Try contacting the pickup makers. I've found them to be a good resource for picking & matching pickups to desired tones.
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