Hey guys,

I used to play guitar alot and was quite good until i stopped playing when i got too around 17 and started doing other things (doing drugs,dropping out of school, having a kid) but I now want to get back into it, I can still play lots of songs ( Hey joe,castles made of sand would be about the hardest things i can remember to play) but i cant seem to pick up new songs any more and dont feel as confident in my playing. Does anyone have any tips for starting again in a way? I want to learn more music theory as i dont know anything about that and eventually want to progress to be able to play difficult finger picking country music styles and basically be able to pick up my guitar again and make it sing as its one of the best feelings ever..

Any help would be much appreciated
Yeah finding a jamming buddy would be a great start. Maybe even pick a new style you've never really touched on and start working at it. That's what I do when I find myself in a rut. =P
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Thanks! Actually planning on messing around with a few of my buddies soon so hopefully will help