Hello folks,

I've been working on a doom/stoner metal album with some friends and have recorded a quick demo. It's lacking vocals at the moment and none of the parts are final.

It's somewhat a cross between Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard and Soundgarden...? I guess you'll have to listen for yourself.

Anyway, let me know what you think:


Based on the intro alone, I freaking love it. And then there's the rest of the song of course Very very cool ideas and nice production. I also love the fact that you give the bass some room here, even though the tone is kind of weird it sounds cool. And nice guitar riffs all over the track, they blend well with the wailing guitar parts in the background.

Just a quick note, I love the artwork and the style of the "cover". I could print that out and hang it on the wall. Above my bed.

The track has great dynamic changes, and an amazing atmosphere. Just sweet. They are pretty much two of my favorite things in music, blend that with doom metal which is of course always great and you have yourself an amazing track. If you come up with more stuff like this I'll start following you.
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This is definitely a doomy sound. That intro is pretty damn good. The guitars have a cool fat sound - I assume you are tuning down with a meaty string gauge for this. I really like our use of the guitar during the bits where its mainly bass - those little plucks that just add something to the sound.

I would maybe turn up the lead guitar - not a huge amount, just a little to give it a little more presence in the mix. I would also maybe add a little more distortion to the bass to give it a dirtier sound when it is playing alone.

I'm not a massive fan of doom but I do quite like the feel of this track. It will be good to see it with some vocals in a finished condition.

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