what with that new jurassic park movie in theatres everyone is now suddenly into dinosaurs

well i dont like this, i was always into dinosaurs and these trend monkeys are sullying shit up

no i am not being a hipster right now

so yeah prove that you're not a trend monkey, tell me something about velociraptors

any identified trend monkeys will be swiftly added to my ignore list

ggg1 ggg3

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ins for best shitposter 2015
man you keep saying that but i am not like that

whatever, you're obviously a trend monkey you cant get on my level

ggg1 ggg3

i feel you. ive been into dinosaurs for over 21 years and now everybody talks about the raptor bros in the movie. i was there before they were green and can communicate with other dinosaurs and t rex was alpha af
Anyone remember JP3 when they put feathers on the raptors? What a buncha dorks no one wants to see scary chickens
lets be real though, dinosaurs had feathers, they weren't scaly

also dinosaurs are my little bro was super obsessed with them when he was younger and he still knows a lot about them. my favourite game is to watch something with dinosaurs in and go "what's that one?" and he can tell you. its pretty cool
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