I've been looking for a high gain amp and I've had a few friends recommend Jet City to me. I've seen some videos on Youtube but want to see what the UG crowd has to say. I am not a gigging musician so I just want a good combo. Should I pop for a Jet City or save up for another Marshall? Or maybe look for another Genz Benz El Diablo? Had one of those once and loved it. You know the story... sold it... now I could kick myself for it.
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Which Jet city combo?

The JCA2212 and JCA5112 are their 2 hi-gain combos. The JCA2212 would be just fine for your needs and should be able to hang with other people if you ever jam out.

But the JCA5112 will have better cleans at louder volumes so something to consider if you play other music besides hi-gain music.
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I'd always recommend the Jet City as a good high gain amp. I have one as my main backup amp for gigs, great piece of kit
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I haven't tried the combo's, but I have the JCA50H, and love it. The cleans are pretty good, but defiantly not a fender or vox; but the OD channel is amazing. I highly recommend it.
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^ +1

The el diablo is a bit of an acquired taste, and is sort of a pain to dial in. Obviously neither of those apply since you had one and loved it.

It's up to you, really- as you probably know, genz benz has stopped making the guitar stuff, so if you want to get one again it might be easier to get it now rather than later. whereas jet city is still making amps, you could always get one in the future.
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