Hey folks!

Have been following UG for years and finally decided to be part of the forum. I hope I am allowed to post this question here, because I have this 24h waiting period if I understood the rules correctly (+ I didnt receive a mail from UG to activate this account. Am I not supposed to receive one ?)

To my question. I got a Boss RC-3 Looper now and I want to set it up correctly. I'm using an Engl 530 Preamp, a GMajor 2 and an Engl Poweramp and just a Noisegate and WahWah before the Preamp. Everything works fine. Afaik I'm supposed to hook up the RC-3 to the FX Loop the Preamp to have it working correctly. I had crackling and banging noises coming through my cabinet though at which point I stopped. I don't wanna try to set it up and damage anything, because the sounds coming from that thing didnt sound healty at all.

My question is now: How do I set it up correctly, so that it works as it is supposed to.

Thanks and Cheers from West Germany.
It should be last in the signal path before the power amp. Not sure what would cause crackling and banging noises.
Could it be you've got a dodgy tube(s) that just happened to be noticeable when you started using the RC3? Crackling seems to be correlated to dying power tubes, from my experience.
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The sound is like when you turn off the poweramp without turning off the channels. That classic bang we all know and a whole lotta noise when you rattle the cable or unplug it. I was hooking it up like this: FX send - looper input - looper output - FX return. Maybe these noises are normal, but I wanna be absolutely sure not to eff up my equipment. Thx for your help so far, guys!