So, here's what Im trying to do-

I want to be able to bring either of my tube amps (100 watt and 120 watt, respectively) to rehearsals or small gigs without needing to bring a cab. I want to be able to plug directly into a mixer/pa from the attenuator.

The attenuator will have to have at least one cab simulation built into it because I want to run straight to mixer. (I would use my interface (rme babyface)/laptop for the impulses, but some reason the audio coming back out into the PA from the ADDA just sounds weird.. the response is just off no matter what speakers I use, even with lower latency settings).

My budget would have to be under $500, ideally $300, but less is always better. I wish I could afford the two notes torpedo, but its just way more money than id be willing to spend. I am located in Boston. One product I was looking at was the Mesa Cab Clone, but the sound quality in clips seemed a little suspect- idk. Edit: also, i was just looking at the Palmer PDI The Junction; assuming that it doesnt need a speaker cab to be attached (which I am unsure), that seems very close to what I need

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Naw, you don't really want to do that. Ramp up all that voltage and wattage just to turn it into heat with a cab clone? Need a better plan. One of the great things about dimed 100w amps is the interaction between speakers, strings and tonewoods. See Jimi. All that would be lost with a cab sim so they never sound quite the same. A bit sterile if you ask me.

Plan B: Find a quality Digital Multi Effects with amp modeling and carry that in your small gig bag. Pod, Vox, Kemper etc. There will be a learning curve but the results can be quite good. (I use this sometimes)

Plan C: Get a small 15w tube practice amp. Just enough to run with the drummer and all the good stuff from a live speaker. (This is my preferred choice 9/10 times)
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I think it might be better to just mic your cab.

A great attenuator nobody talks about is the Weber Mass.
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Depending on what you play, just get a line 6 pod? Ive never personally used one but they get a good reputation depending on what kind of sound you're after.

The more professional versions of that would be your PodHd, Axefx, Kemper, Avid Eleven Rack etc...

Or just lug around the big ole halfstack haha. Could always trade it for a combo.
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One of the best at the moment is the Two Notes Torpedo Studio, which is both a load box and a cab simulator. http://www.two-notes.com/en/hardware/torpedo-studio/

Oops -- just noticed that you've already ruled it too high for your budget.

Of the rest, it's largely a coinflip. If your budget is going to rule the day, it's unlikely that you'll have a lot to choose from tone-wise.

I'm using a Pod HD mated to the Torpedo C.A.B. The C.A.B. elevates the combination to something very close to Kemper levels. It isn't a load box, however, so it's not going to work with a tube power amp output section.

If you're planning to do this long term, you might want to look up a good tube preamp and mate that with the C.A.B. (or go direct). I've been using a Mesa Triaxis and a Carvin Quad-X, and looking for an Egnater M4 (four replaceable "modules"). These are all-tube preamps with only rudimentary cab sim systems. You'd want the C.A.B. to fill in the power amp simulation and the cabinet IRs with these.
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If convenience's the goal, then get a mesa cab clone.

If sound quality's the goal, for that money get a rivera rockcrusher.

Or, yeah, as suggested already, you might wanna keep it even simpler and get a POD HD500 or 500x.
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Two notes live is the only thing available that will do everything you need in one package
Prs se Holcomb is the answer