Hey guys! I got this beauty on December, and lately I've wanted to replace some parts (tuners, knobs, strap buttons, nut) and add some things (pickup covers, pull/push pot, trem arm tip). I've looked throughout the internet for information but sometimes too much information becomes a curse haha, and since I'm a 100% newbie on modding, I prefer asking here personally and get an answer tailored for my needs, so here goes! (but first some pictures haha)

Tuners: I need gold locking tuners that are a direct replacement, no drilling please. I've read about Schallers and Gotohs mainly, any specific model I should be looking into? Are any of those fancy auto-trim models available without drilling?

Knobs: I actually already bought some US PRS knobs (black/transparent) off ebay. Did it because I read that the US knobs do fit the SE (not vice-versa though), can anyone confirm me this once more? hahaha I still can't sleep thinking about this.

Strap buttons: This one seems easy, any model will fit right? I'm looking into Schaller's golden locking buttons...

Nut: I have no idea here, the curse of having too much information attacked me here, any recommendations? Sizes? materials?

Pickup covers: Again, gold is the standard for this guitar, so looking into some of them. I read somewhere about a guy that measured his pickups to 50mm but needed the 52 cover (or was it the other way around? lol) what should I be considering when buying this?

Pull/push pot: Again I'm blank here, what should I measure or consider before buying?

Trem arm tip: I know the US trem won't fit the SE bridge, but I'd like to see how my arm looks with a tip... anyone know a place where I can get a black tip for this specific tremolo arm? I can only find for the fender ones.

Also an extra I'd like, the ONLY thing I "dislike" (more like, not love) is the back color, I'm not that into the whole black body thing and I am IN LOVE with natural finishes, I think it would look great with the front finish... any tips on what I should be looking into to get a natural finish? This is a good idea of what I'm looking for, but honestly I have no idea if it is even possible.

Thanks in advance for answers, and any questions please ask so I can be more clear!
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I've had two SE models this year so I can help

grovers are an exact match , 10mm and the offset screws
gold locking ones exist too
they are all i can think of off the top of my head , chime in guys with other alternatives of course

the cheapest chinese knobs can fit most of the time. SE models are import pots anyways
just know the difference between the knob types , for example one has an allen key or flat head bit on the side.

any strap buttons are fine, schallers seem the most popular , my tip is to try and use the old/existing screws on your guitar for them

graphtech tusq, black or white exist
brass is a classic
bone everyone goes nuts for.. heh see what i did there, but taylors, martins and gibson guys usually swear by them. Thing about bone is most cases they have to be made for you which isn't cheap.

pickup covers ...well there is two kinds
modern with no holes, 3-ish dollars on ebay
the kind with holes you'll have to know the pickup pole spacing

CTS push pull pots come up a lot. Regardless of pickups though seymour duncan diagrams are the best to go with since you're not wiring a tele (their diagrams are wrong) , 500k for humbuckers , as a tone B500k , as a volume A500k most will say. I'm a fan of B500k myself for the volume to retain the tone of the guitar as you roll the volume down,

the tremolo arm tip I haven't a clue, but you can also get gold mounting rings off of ebay too, don't go with the super cheap ones though from china. one 1980s ibanez they fit perfectly but that is it.

anyways good luck on the project.
SE Custom already has a coil split, what are you wanting the push/pull for?
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^^^ the coil split was included since 2012 (I think?), should've mentioned mine is a 2010 model, got it on an ebay auction last december

Tallwood13, thanks for your help! Much appreciated
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^^^ the coil split was included since 2012 (I think?), should've mentioned mine is a 2010 model, got it on an ebay auction last december

Tallwood13, thanks for your help! Much appreciated

Fair enough, I think mine is the 2012.

FWIW, I think the split gives it more of a P90 than a single coil sound. Still good, though.
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Don't go ninjerin nobody don't need ninjerin'
I just bought schaller locking tuners for my SE Custom, they are direct replacement, but I don't know if they come in gold. I also bought the Graph Tec TUSQ nut, it too is a direct replacement, from what I've read you don't even have to sand it. I also bought Graph Tec saddles (black).

About the natural finish thing: I actually just started another thread in here about sanding my neck and headstock down. It is my intention to get the neck and headstock to raw oiled wood. You may be able to do it to the back of yours, but you have to be very careful. I'm going to be starting my project next week and posting pictures.
These tuners will drop right in.

I noticed you mentioned the Planet waves auto trims. Only the 6 in line ones will drop right into your PRS without additional holes. What you would need to do is either buy two sets and sell half of each (or save for another project), or you could try locating a place that sells both left handed and right handed ones individually
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Hey man, I just posted pics in my thread of my (almost) completed SE. I finished the neck and headstock stripping, replaced the nut and put on Schaller locking tuners. Check it out...


What you did looks horrible
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