Hello, I already found out (as the company is slightly new) that not much is to find about Vision in Guitars Instruments, however I really want to know if someone out there knows atleast the original model name and or year of this one .

The only source for it I found was an amazon item, where it was called VGS RIP X1, atleast the RIP has something to do with it (and the company name VGS, even though the guitar wears their old logo VIG) as taht is what the headstock says, although on the official Vision in Guitars homepage the only RIP guitar you can find is teh RIP V which shares the design of this but (as the name suggests) is shaped more like a V than Explorer style guitar.

I bought it for 58€(around 65$) used and it is really amazing, the sound is superb and I just had to set it up a bit and solder a contact in the battery compartment that the person that owned it before apparently accidentaly pulled.

Hope there is someone that knows something^^ I am really happy with my purchase and it will stay with me a long while I hope.
Did that but thought I could also ask around on the web for people that may know it^^
Vgs R.i.p. X1 is all I can find
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seems like that is all there is to find, well then I have a great new guitar without any origin, maybe I get something back from the company^^
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seems liek taht is all there is to find, well then I have a great new guitar without any origin, maybe I get something back from the company^^

please try to use proper spelling and grammar. at least give it a shot. i understand if you first language isn't English, but at least use spell check. it makes it easier to understand.

email the company and see if they get back, if not, you are happy with a decent guitar. you don't have to always know where they come from, although it is nice.
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