Hey all,

so long story short, I have well recorded vocal tracks in cubase and need to give them a video game feel... sortof 8bit, sortof robot voice or synthy or whatever.

I don't have any specific sounds to cite as an example because I'm not looking for something specific. I just want to mess around with stuff until something fits with the rest of the track.

I'm already messing around with autotune-ish VSTs but was wondering what else was out there.

I'd prefer if it was free but you might as well reccomend some paid ones as well. Depending on the quality, I might be able to unlock some budget for this.

You're looking for a 'bit crusher' so try searching by that term and you'll find some good ones!
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searching for bitcrusher is indeed giving good results. Shame I'm stuck at work, haha. thanks!

Any other suggestions or specific bitcrusher vsts?
A bit crusher will only give you a distorted sound.

Have a look at sonic charge bitspeek.
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Vocoder sounds like what you're after.
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i also recommend trying a vocoder!
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Just the use the bitcrusher in Cubase, but mess around with the bit depth and tweak it to your liking