Hello guys.
I need some essential info and tips about downtuning an a-guitar.
One time I tried to downtune strings to Eb... But then when I had wanted to get the strings back to E, the high E string cracked. From that experience I'm afraid to downtune my guitar.
And there are so many great songs with alternative tunings....
I use custom lights .11.
dude, my husband tunes down to D, up to E, down to D all the time on many guitars, and has never broken a string. i've done the same, also, many times using 10's or 11's, depending on the guitar. unless you're tuning them back up super fast, shouldn't be a problem. if you are tuning super fast, slow it down. otherwise check your nut tuner holes for sharp spots or don't use really old strings.
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Yeah sounds like super old strings or a poor guitar in need of a clean up. I use alternate tunings for just about every song and I never really break strings (I change sets every month or so).
Yep, old strings. I don't break strings often, and I tune to open G then back to standard a lot with my acoustic, as long as I keep decent strings on I rarely break one. Let them get old and I'll start popping strings.
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