wondering if you guys find any IRs with general HiFi range. I am making some Th2 presets for my gig on weekend and I know that tones I create on headphones won't be good when I connect my USB interface to PA system.
I'm unable to play with PA system until sunday so I just looking for any way to create some goods better than with headphones (Samson SR850 btw). At the moment I put Isone Pro on the master track in reaper and I am changing presets: public space, some monitor setups.

Any thoughts?
PA and HiFi are very different.
HiFi stuff is made to sound good, overly pleasing in the lower range, while PA speakers are made to be loud.

Everything's ideally made to be FRFR however, so you'll not find any impulse response of stuff like that or to correct that.

Remove whatever room correction plugin and then adjust everything during the sound check at the venue.
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