I build really light little portable stereo 12V amps, about 5-10W and I like to run 2 speakers, 1 for guitar and 1 for vocals.

been using these http://www.jensentone.com/vintage_alnico/p10r got one for £30 ($45) and quite happy with them but they are a little heavy weightwise and I wanted it for my valve amp cabinet.

then tried one of these as the local music shop had a dead behringer amp with one in it for £10 ($15)so I had to have it.


found it pretty good and light weight too, not that much of a difference than the alnico one but that one definitely sounds nicer in my valve amp.

anyway I will try any speaker, the cheaper the better but if there is something really lush and it's not ridiculously expensive then I might pick one up.

so basically the 3 criterion that are important to me.

1. weight
2. price
3. volume

obviously for vocals I shouldn't be using a guitar speaker - any recommendations for which 10" would be good for that ? and I probably should add a bullet/tweeter for higher frequencies.

I'd like to try a neodymium just to see if there is much of a volume boost, but basically they seem to be 3x the price of ceramics.

I'm only putting about 5W of power into them so the more volume the better really.

i'll pick the cheapest nastiest shittiest one then : )

best sounding one for when I'm rich
you are going to be so similar on weight i would worry more about tone. what is two pounds? not a whole lot.
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Find some neodymium speaker if you want lightweight and loudness.

If you want cheap, get whatever you can find for cheap.

If you want good, the Jensen alnico ones are good enough.
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^ I haven't tried the alnicos, but aren't they on the quiet side?

i know my eminence copperhead is a fair bit louder than my jensen c10q (and there are louder 10" speakers than the copperhead I think).
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It's the highest efficiency 10" I've found during my admittedly cursory search.
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