So I'm looking for a new guitar and for a few months now I've had my eye on the ARZIR20FB from Ibanez. I initially wanted an Eclipse from ESP, but it's a bit out of my price range. I figured I could probably find one used, but I really do like the color of the Ibanez. I thought maybe the LTD EC1000 as well, but I kinda want something with an Ebony fretboard since my other two are Rosewood, and there's still the issue with the color.

On paper, it seems decent. but there's a lack of reviews and I was hoping someone here could chime in firsthand. I really want something without a floyd since that's what everything else I've got has, but if this one won't cut it I'll have to settle for a floyd and either get a hellraiser or the NJ Deluxe V from BC; The KVMGQ Jackson Vs are also another I've been looking at.