So my wife picked up one of these guys:

used at GC for a good price and it needs a little work:

-de-grunging and "dis-infecting" everything.
-lube and tighten down the loose tuners.
-fretboard: light leveling, crown/dress & polish frets, etc..
-neck pocket: remove lumpy paint and masking tape "shims" from neck pocket and make it flat so the neck will seat in the pocket correctly. currently there is a big gap, no substantial wooden shims, and a horrible action and neck angle.
-neck tenon: remove/replace 2nd and 3rd generation wooden toothpick and dowel concoctions used to remedy stripped neck bolts. install larger, solid wood dowels and re-drill
-a complete setup.

all of the above i can do and i'm not worried about the work, but we'd like to swap out the pu's. the stock mec's are inconsistent and weak across the strings and are relatively low output.

see those huge radii on the corners of the pu's? i can't seem to find anything that will plug and play in those radiused pockets that the streamer has. i can rout out the corners and do some finish touch ups, but i'd rather not. somewhere there has to be something out there that will fit with no pocket mods. i don't even care about the adjustment screws i can deal with that i just need them to fit into those funky pockets.

any suggestions?

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