Hi all,

I recently changed my Les Pauls tuners from the standard Klusons to Grovers. However I have noticed that the 12th fret on the A string has now become dead. I changed back to the klusons to see if I had just missed this before but the problem went away when I changed back to the original tuners. What could be the problem? the other Grovers are all fine and I even put another of the Grovers in the A string hole to see if It was perhaps a faulty machiene head but I had the same results with all the new tuners. Any advice would be very much appreciated.
will it tune to open A the tuners dont have anything to do but hold the string in tune you are probably coming of the nut groove or at the bridge saddle or maybe the saddle fell completed out is it was loose and all what was holding it in was the string then working on the tuners you turn the guitar sideways a bit and the saddle is on the ground where you were working tiny thing depending on the bridge