So I got me a squire affinity, I'm looking to upgrade it.....I was thinking upgrading the pickups but do I also need to upgrade the bridge and the nut for better tone or am I good just with new pickups? Thanks in advance
do you use the tremolo bar? if not, I wouldn't worry about it.

www.guitarfetish.com is a good site to upgrade with. even their pickups are way better than the price would reflect. and you wouldn't be spending a senseless amount of money on a cheap guitar.
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i'll put it this way you change anything in the guitar even the nut , adjust the pickup height or whatever it changes the sound. Pickups get way too much attention. the question is how sensitive is ones ear.

new tuners are a must, say for example grover minis or schaller locking tuners the kind they made for fender. Tuners may be expensive but the amount of money we save from not having to re-tune a guitar constantly they pay for themselves. I don't play strats often, mostly wire them up, tune them and a week or so later of not playing them they will be totally out of tune, yet if the strats had say grovers , schallers, sperzel..etc they would be fine.

the brass block guitar fetish bridge is really nice
hum cancelling 4 wire pickups are a good upgrade, no noise in isolated positions like on the fender deluxe strat pickups
a graphtech tusq nut
and the fun of trying and finding a pack of strings you like the new sound out of

this is the bridge i would suggest, brass parts make guitars come to life in my opinion as you have to compensate for the wood taken out

i actually have an answer just for this i copy and paste now because so many guys upgrade their strats.
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What sort of sound are you going for? High gain? More vintage? What styles of music are you into? What are you looking to get out of the guitar? We can't really help you much unless we know some of these answers, but the majority of the time if you find pickups you like and a new set of tuners, you're off to a good start. I just modded up my Strat myself, so I'm happy to help. Just need more specifics.

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I modded a Squire Strat with a Wilkinson WVPC hipshot style bridge with a steel block, graphite nut and locking tuners from Axes r us. (27 quid and every bit as good as Schaller). The tuning stability and sustain went through the roof, even with heavy trem usage. So I recommend a similar setup to that in terms of hardware.

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