I have an 07 Epiphone Les Paul, it's a beautiful guitar, but I'm having KIND OF a problem with the bridge pickup and I'm thinking of throwing in a P90 I have laying around that I swapped out of a Jr. the other day. The pickup just isn't giving as bright or powerful an output as it used to or as my Explorer gives (same pickups), and it's greatly f***ing up my sound especially with a fuzzbox.

Would swapping with the P90 be a good idea? The only Humbucker + P90 combos I've seen was a P90 in the next position, but never one in the bridge position. Just wondering if it's a desirable sound or if I'm better off sticking with my humbucker or picking up a new one or something. I'd like to try something new, but not if it's a crap idea.

I KNOW it's a personal choice, but have you tried it before and did you like what it brought?
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check in google search changing polarity of a pickup the final result will be if your ear likes it but anything will work as long as you buck the hum
these days you can mod the crap out of a pickup system some simple some complicated you can really change the sound just by putting on a different capacitor a pickup really doesnt go bad but if the electro wire gets a break in it then it will be dead in the water or the volume tone wires are loosing their solder joint at the bottom of the pickup
It's all up to your ear and how you feel the pickup react to your input, but how about a Seymour Duncan SHPR-1? It's a full humbucker that can split into either a full P90 or a single rail coil pickup. And they're fantastic.
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Going off of Ace+'s suggestion, I'd look at the Rio Grande Dirty Harry HB.
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