I have two old Cry Baby pedals, one 1970s and one 1980s. Both have three terminal switches that need replacing. I ordered switches and got the six-terminal versions used in new pedals. I don’t know which terminals to connect the old wires to. I tried connecting to the same three side terminals of the six on a new switch and that doesn’t work. Does anybody know how to wire this?

Here’s a photo of one of the old pedals. This is the 1970s pedal with Thomas Organ guts.
That looks like a single pole, double throw (SPDT) switch. You can think of it as having one input and two outputs that it switches between. You can use a multimeter to determine which terminal is which by checking if there's an electrical connection.
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On the six-terminal switch, there should be two groups of three terminals. The one in the middle is the "input", the ones on either side of it are the "outputs".
The other three pins are not connected by default. They're like a separate switch within the same enclosure.

EDIT: This might be helpful
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