Hello again guys...

I recently posted a song of mine and asked for feedback on the vocals. Thanks to those who commented, I really appreciate it.

Here's another track I wrote which I think suits my voice a little better, so would love to hear what you think of this one too...


I agree that this track suits your voice, it sounds mostly quite professional, well done! The chorus is catchy and well written and the guitar solo at the end I loved too.

The only criticisms that I can make are 1) sometimes the vocals are drowned out a bit, so try to increase volume, currently the vocals sound a bit too distant, as if they are just a backing accompaniment to the guitar. 2) I feel like, especially in the beginning verses, you could perhaps do with holding the last note of each line a little longer. Partly just my preference, but I feel like this would make the lyrics sound less forced and make the song feel more complete overall.

Good work man, keep it up!
Just had another thought, I think it might make the vocals clearer and suit genre better if you could pull it off. I'm not a vocal coach by any stretch of the imagination but I think that a bit of vowel emphasis here and there wouldn't go amiss; it would draw more attention to the vocals and give them a bit more stylistic flavour and blah blah blah insert jargon here.

For example, for the line

"Said 'I'm on the run' and looking for a (home?)" I think those are the correct lyrics. Anyway, his line would be much more memorable if you sang:

"Said I'm on the ru-uh-un" or something (so basically you hold the word run, but split it up into multiple syllables (you could also try slight alterations in pitch to make it even more interesting. Then just sing "looking for a home" as it is, but hold the word 'home for longer'.