"Part One"

You should hide all of your pretty sons and pretty daughters
They found all of your pretty knives
There are those who are sworn to secrecy
There are those who lie

When you sit alone, what do you expect
Nothing but to hate the world
Looks like you need a blessing

I don't keep up with ladies' fashion
They're running nude, baring *ss
Sagging low, sad and low, all our pitied souls
On a nice day, I like to sin, so

You would die if you saved prostitutes and slutty call-girls
What was worth of all their lives?
There are those who are seeping blasphemy
But no-one's sleeping tight

When you sit alone, what do you expect?
Someone's come to rescue you
Thank God for Jesus

I don't run much since I got twisted
All the arms I buy are British
I'm a lizard, I'm a bug, all the stores are run
On a nice day, by the charlatans

Calm down, calm down
Calm down, calm down


This is part one to a two-part song. This section strongly uses seventh chords (For curiosity: G#m7 D#m7 EM7 C#m7), which gives a dark, jazzy feel. At he "calm down" section, there is a G# minor pentatonic solo overplaying. While the lyrics may seem dark, depressing, introspective, they are complete nonsense. I've had the title stuck in my head for a while, and wanted to write a hugely controversial song. I'm going to have fun watching people trying to find a deeper meaning. The second will be much more cheerful musically, but lyrically equivalent to "Adam's Song" in terms of depression.