So after a lot of hard work, I finally bought myself a new guitar. Its a fender telecaster but with two humbuckers instead of the single coils. I'm in love with her, she plays beautifully, feels very sturdy, and sounds fantastic, although i did replace the bridge pickup for a seymour duncan jb.


Anyway, my issue is that because of the way i want her tuned (AADGBE) i cant get it intonated correctly, the saddles only go so far. I can add screw nuts to pull the string out some more but since the strings go through the body it will be uncomfortable resting on me like that.
I know some of you will think "Well the guitar wasnt made to be tuned like that".. Screw You! im trying to rock here! People pull off stuff like this all the time.
The only idea i have is to drill a new hole so i can then loop the string through the body twice. but thats drastic and i dont need that much more string length.
so any ideas?
I assume you're tuning the 6 string to an octave below the a string. What string gauge are you using? To go that low you'll need around a 60 to have good intonation. Lower gauge strings will bend too easily at that low of a tuning
i think i just need like 1/4 inch or a little more.
And Thanks for the help guys! I feel so alone trying to figure this out! I wish this bridge was like the ones on gibsons, then the string could just continue off the bridge in the front of the guitar,