Hey all.

I got around to thinking about how much I do not like my current tone. I am currently using a Marshall MG100HDFX head/cab (don't criticize please). Everyone tells me it sounds fine but it just sounds too shrilly and trebly to me when I put my pedal through it.

So, I'm seriously considering trading it and some other gear in on a better head/cab. I need suggestions.

I use a PRS Tremonti SE in Drop C# primarily, and also use an Epi LP that alternates between C Standard and Drop A#. My band gigs consistently and we play what I would classify as alternative metal or hard alternative, like Staind and Alice in Chains.

I'm looking at about a $600 budget. I need something that has some good clean sounds and can get pretty loud. I use a Fulltone OCD as of now for distortion.

Any help would be appreciated.