I have used my old passive cheap Brhinger di-box for a while now and decided to upgrade for hopefully better recordings.
I will use the new Di-box mainly on electric guitar, accoustic guitar and electric bass. What would a good di-box for my needs be?
What is your interface? It is possible you already have instrument direct in.

Radial is the best in the biz, you can also get something with a little more color like the Countryman DI.

Whirlwind also has a good reputation.
I got a presonus audiobox 22vsl. The thing is that i always use a dibox to record both the clean and dirty signal.
hat looks like a rad di-box, but the thing is that it would be better for me using one that don´t need a battery.
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You don't need a DI box.
Why do you think you need one?

Also you asked for an active DI box but now you're saying it'd be better for you to get a DI box without a battery, so a passive one.

No offense, but I think you need to reorganize your ideas.
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