So I did some playing around to find out that my neck tone knob does not do anything and my bridge tone controls 2-4 position on my 5 way selector switch.

I am fairly good at electronics so I plan to one day open up and check the wiring the pots and the capacitors. I plan on doing this probably when I replace the bridge (rolling bridge?).

In the mean time I came across this wiring diagram. Seems like a simple enough circuit. Does it look good to you guys? It is helpful to have more experienced eyes take a look. I am good with basic electronics but I have never worked on a guitars intestines.

My guitar has 2 single pickups (one at the neck one in the the middle) and a humbucker at the bridge. It has one vol knob and two tone knobs. and a 5 way selector switch. Here is the Diagram.

I play on a guitar with no name. I think I will call her Arcane.


Arcane (My mystery 6 string HSS Strat type)

J. Reynolds (6 String SSS Strat type)


Axtron GA-10