So, I have committed the cardinal sin in buying an electric guitar. Ive pulled the trigger on a EVH Wolfgang Special in the dark cherry with the Floyd and D-tuna sight unseen. I'm not so worried about that because I just have to return it if I'm not happy with it, but since I have to wait anywhere upto 12 weeks before it lands on my door from the USA (Australian alert here) I was wondering if anyone else has one, what they think about their one and are there any problems theyve encountered with it. About the only complaints Ive found online refer to sharp frets but thats not a massive problem to sort out in itself if you know how to do a fret dress... What are your stories about the guitar, good and bad???
They are fantastic guitars. I prefer other variations of the Wolfgang that are hardtail, but that's individual preference. Wolfgangs/Axis guitars are probably my favourite out of all the ones i've owned or played.
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