Exkash.com is most authentic source to convert bitcoins fund into your bank account directly. Exkash.com is working in e-currency fields since 2007. Well, it is very Professional and Honest Company served 3500 customer around the world in the last year. Exkash is offering these services.

Convert Perfect Money into your Bank account at 3% fee

It is very fast and automatic system to cashout your perfect money funds into real cash. You need to go to relevant service page (Perfect Money to Bank account), fill out the form and provide your bank information; it will automatically lead to the page, where you can pay your perfect Money funds. Now your order has been completed, you will get your money into your bank account with in one business day. This service is available for all countries, even China, India, Keyna, Pakistan, Asia, Africa, and Europe also.

  • Exchange Bitcoins into Bank account directly at 3% Fee
  • Exchange OkPay into your bank account worldwide at 3% fee
  • Exchange Web Money Funds into your bank account at 3% fee

Exkash.com E-currency Cashout ATM Card
These Cards are specifically design to withdraw your e-currency from local ATM. Suppose, you have Perfect Money funds into your account and you want to withdraw these funds independently from ATM in your country. So the simple process is to buy Exkash E-currency cashout ATM Card. The card will be ship to your home address with Express Delivery worldwide. These are 2 types of card.

Perfect Money ATM Debit Card
Bitcoins ATM Debit Card

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