Hi all

I have got a custom made Les Paul, and always had buzzing when not touching the strings, output jack, or bridge.

Tried to read all about it and some have said that it is because of faulty grounding, others have said that it is normal for a guitar to buzz when not touching the strings or that it was a hot pickup...

Well, let me tell you that after 3 days of soldering, changing wires, shielding... I finally have an absolutely quiet guitar when not touching the strings, jack, bridge or anything.
Also, I realized that when you touch the strings and the buzzing stops, it is actually YOU being grounded by your guitar (you are like an antenna and when you touch the strings it discharges via output jack to ground)

My process:

1. First I thought that the bridge wasnt grounded, so I checked it and found that it was, if the buzzing stops when you touch the strings the bridge is grounded.

2. next i checked that all pots have common ground and that the switch ground wire is also grounded.

3. Still buzzing,
So i copper shielded the main cavity and the switch cavity and connected the copper foil to ground,
Freakin still buzzing.

4. ran out of copper, so I shielded pickup cavities with regular aluminium foil,
still buzzing.

5. Then I realized, that when my belly comes closer to the back of the guitar the buzzing gets worse.
So what the hell is picking the noise when everything is shielded and grounded?

6. Finally I thought it must be the wires from switch to main cavity, which are regular copper wires with platic coating.
And bingo, changed all switch wires with some wire I found that has a copper center then plastic then copper wire and again plastic.
So I used copper center as regular hot wire and outer copper wire as a ground wire.

How I made it work:

a. there are 3 wires coming from the switch, the ground off all 3 wires is soldered together and conected to the ground tip of the switch (on opposite side)

b. center hot wire from the switch is passed through the body and respectively inner copper and ground wire are connected to output jack (ground one tip, hot other tip)

c. wires to the left and right of the center wire on the switch - passed through body, and each is connected to volume pot lug and the ground wire left is soldered to each pot

So everything is grounded, and everything that my body picks up now goes to outher copper grounding wire and not the inner, so it doesnt mess up the signal.
Finally no noise, I am so happy.

Just though I would share this to help anyone struggling with the same problem, that there is a solution, quiet guitar when NOT touching any metal parts.
So my realization was that the wires from switch to main cavity must all have outer wire that can act as ground.
I'm surprised that your custom luthier didn't know to do that. It's a basic necessity on Les Paul type guitars.

Glad you got it figured out.

well it's not a 1000 dollar guitar, I payed 400 second hand.

As far as taking it to a professional - I just don't want to pay for something I can do myself and learn in the process.