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I wish I was American.

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what the **** is wrong with some people?
A poem.
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Terribly ****ing sad. I hate to dwell on it even more negatively than as is, but I will also be terribly ****ing disgusted as Wormholes pointed out if and when the media starts pushing their politic with it. Whether it's left, center, pro-life, right, w/e freaking belief system they subscribe to.
Damn that's really terrible. What pieces of shit.
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I don't see the word racist anywhere, the article needs an edit.

i love how this is what you take away from this shit smfh

This is very disturbing. Absolutely terrible. I hope some measure of justice is found, but nothing could right such a horrific deed.
London is full of scum. Just nuke the place.
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Good thing fetuses aren't human or we might have a murder charge.

Scotland Yard said there was a “strong likelihood” the men were trying to kill the baby and the attack was being treated as “akin to murder”.

o wait
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
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...Not sure I even want to read this Sounds terrible enough already... sadlt there does not seem to be a limit to what awful things humans will do to each other
The charge of "child destruction" sounds pretty metal, but yeah that's ****ed up.