Hi everyone,

I own a bugera 333 and wanted to use an other pedal to switch channels. I soldered two female jacks on the switch terminals on the pcb. One for clean and one for crunch. To test it, I took my on/off switch and was able to switch the channels with this switch. The next thing I wanted to do was to let my joyo pxl pro switch the channels using the triggers. But the moment the male jack from the joyo connects with the female jack on de pcb it switches channels. I thought, maybe change the polarity of the triggers, but it does nothing for this problem. I have played around with the settings of the pxl pro, but nothing seems to solve the problem.

Does anybody got any idea what is happening and why?

check if the amp requires a pulse signal or a latched signal. I could not find a schematic for the amp to identify the channel selection circuit. I have a similar pedal to the joyo but the Thomann version and I am quite sure you have this option. I never used it to change channel with my amp as my HRD is best on the clean channel and I use a pedal distortion.
The amp requires a pulsed signal. So that's the way I set up the joyo and it didn't work. But I tried both pulsed and latch and that didn't make a difference. I just don't get why it switches channel the moment I connect it and sticks to this channel. When it has switched the channel it is impossible to switch to another