Hey guys. I'm addicted to this song. I can typically figure out a simple chord progression by ear but for some reason, this one is kicking my butt. Can anyone else help me out?

Whatchya Gonna Do Now by HoneyHoney
ok, two things... The first and I hate the most is that there are no lyrics for this song anywhere on the Internet which means I have to do those ....luckily, this is a song that is slower and I can actually understand and hear the lyrics which sometimes is more difficult then doing a guitar tab with some people and groups....lol (if you can do them and post them here I would appreciate it).

Secondly, when I do a request I like to always do the CD/album version of the song rather then a live version as people want to usually play that version as opposed to a live version.... The cd version is constant and always the same where the live version is basically the same but does have differences ...

So I will do the song but it will be of this the CD version.... I hope that is ok with you... I believe it will also work for the version above as well... I'll know when I am finished...
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ok heres the lyrics i found them

Ou baby that fire’s coming down
Right into your walls right out of your mouth
Everything you loves just ash on the ground
Ou babe so what you gonna do now.
So you run to the river you run to the sea
You sift through the rubble and search the debris
But you won’t find anything if you don’t find peace
Ou babe so what you gonna do now
Don’t wait until you die
You can always change your mind, make it right
So why are you still waiting outside?
Maybe your momma didn’t treat you right
Maybe you just didn’t sleep last night
You know I don’t give a damn why you wanna fight
Ou babe so what you gonna do now
Ill beat down that door you locked in your chest
You swallowed the key and threw out the guests
And I’m standing here when everyone left
Ou babe so what you gonna do now
Don’t wait until you die
You can always change your mind, make it right
So why you still waiting outside?
Come out from the weeds and into my arms
Ou babe I know the dark and how it can haunt you
And I’ve had my conscious rip me apart too
So here’s what we’re gonna do now
Take all of your needs and all of your sins
All of the losses you threw to the wind
And we’ll carry the weight if it breaks every limb
Ou that’s what we’re gonna do now
That’s what we’re gonna do now
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Thanks for the lyrics... I don't know where you found them but glad you did.... Will have the song done soon and posted.... Thanks ayreon77