I think that the intro sounds beautiful, but I think that the production is just a bit too low-end heavy. Or maybe it's the crazy amount of reverb, anyway it's a bit muddy. The transition to the distorted part was really cool, and it stays pretty amazing even though I feel like I've heard it before, it really is a staple modern prog track. However at about 2:40 the track gets some nice dynamics and breaks from some modern prog cliches, and it stays consistently enjoyable. I love the organ tones, did you use a VST? I think that the co-operation between different guitar and keyboard tracks stays very good thorough the track. The clean break at 6:20 continues to make the track more dynamic which is always a good thing, but I feel like there's too much reverb again. The tapped part at seven minutes is really sweet, I still think that I've heard that style a lot in progressive music lately. Still sounds badass anyway. The guitar solo that comes after the 8 minute mark is bit weak though, the tapping lick sounds a bit sloppy and it almost feels like you're hitting the wrong note consistently.

In general the track was really good, I enjoyed both the clean and crunchy parts of the song, their transitions were well done and the track was pleasantly dynamic. I didn't hear the bass though, it plays a really important part in prog in my opinion, also I feel like I had heard a lot of these parts before. Not literally, but I think that a lot of new prog artists come up with similar stuff.

Still, a great track. I must give it a few more listens.
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Hey there.

This is awesome! I'm generally not one for instrumentals, but 8min 45 didnt get boring at all in this. You managed to keep the progression going throughout, sweeping the energy backwards and forwards through the sections. I wish I had the ability to compose something this intricate and diverse - not that I have the skill but, but if I did I know I couldnt resist making that many awesome parts into different tracks. The fact that you didnt has resulted in something epic.

I love that organ sound, it's got such a classic prog sound to it. And your clean lead tone is great - it suits the parts perfectly.

Kudos on the bass guitar work around 7min - those taps must have been difficult to get so clean with bass gauge strings.

The drums are really well sequenced and sound pretty genuine.

Mix wise I think this is about spot on - clean, crisp, punchy. The crash cymbals were maybe a little high in places, but thats really being a bit picky if I'm honest.

I really cant emphasize how impressed I am with this. I'm hardly a high level musician to get praise from but still - really awesome work!

This is really awesome dude! Idk if you did all the instruments/programming yourself but if so then it's even more impressive!
Kevätuhri Thanks! I did use VST for organ, and I recorded it through Marshall tube amp, apperciate your mixing feedback!

RabidBadger Thank you! It's great to hear such a positive feedback!

MeGaDeth2314 I did Thanks!