Cheers for the crit man.

Liking the intro, however I think there's a bit too much reverb on the acoustic guitar.

Liking your vocals as well. Have you thought about adding harmonies into them? Some 3 part harmonies might help fill out the song a bit.

A nice simple progression keeps the song structured well.

It's a nice song, that isn't badly produced, I just feel it feels a little thin. Harmonies or bass might help, apart from that it sounds pretty good man, keep it up!
Hey there,

Thanks so much for checking out my track and sharing this post with me. I appreciate the feedback a lot.

Walk On By is a cool, clean track. This was a pleasure to listen to, and kind of gave me the vibe of a cafe mic night. This reminded me of "Colorblind" by Counting Crows for some reason. You have a really good voice. I wish there was a bit more variation in the strummed progressions. I felt the vocals were a little low at certain parts and clashed a bit with the guitars. I noticed they're occupying a similar tonal space and there wasn't a lot of bottom end. Perhaps EQing the guitars a little bit would allow the vocals to shine through more. I like the message of the song, I'm working on being able to deal with situations unphased.

There were a couple moments I really enjoyed here:
0:50 - I like the percussive knocks here
1:40-2:00 - The bluesy progression and strumming here were a nice bridge to the chorus.

Cheers! It'd be great to hear whatever else you're working on!
I felt a 70's Bob Dylan sound to it but I like it a lot. Very easy-listening and the lush reverb on the vocal somehow suited the song (usually I don't like too much reverb on vocals). The change at 1:35 is really awesome! It's gonna sound even better with good recording and maybe some light harmonies with the lead vocal.
pretty good song. smooth. catchy rhythm/chorus. very boomy/reverby though (not too reverby though, if that was what you were going for). i guess probably because of the recording process or whatever. or maybe a bit stylistic, i guess?

first verse is a bit sloppy, kinda takes you a bit to find your groove but it's fine after that.
by the way, i stole this riff.
Great track man! So much joy in this track, I love almost everything about it but the recording. It's way too wet and I'm having a hard time picking the lyrics up. I know that the overall wetness is a good idea to send the song back in time to the era it belongs (I mean that as a compliment) but it's a tad too much on this one.

Other than that, everything sounds great. The playing, the vocals, the energy, the music is flowing.

Do you have any plans of adding other instruments into this?
Tripped out vibey song. This is a great psychedelic indie modern pop song, but it's let down by this demo. The vocal is too low and covered in too much reverb, which is a shame because it's an appealing vocal sound with good lyrics and a youthful verve and charm that always charms.
There's just too much reverb all over this.
I advise re-recording this properly, as there's definitely commercial and artistic potential here, both in the song and the voice,,,,,
C4C here.
Quote by Sammetry

Do you have any plans of adding other instruments into this?

Hi thanks for all the positive comments guys, really appreciate it! I do plan to get this song into the studio and add more instruments, Luckily I can put the drums down myself as I've been playing drums over 15 years now, i just think ill need to find someone to add some awesome lead to it haha
Recording-wise I'd say it's bathed in more reverb than is necessary.
Song-wise I like it. Catchy and I can relate to it a bit, I think. I would like to hear that bit of the chorus - the couplet "[something] colder.../Now I'm a little older..." repeated twice when you get to a chorus near the end, if that makes sense. Just to emphasise one of the best bits in the listener's mind. That's just what I think though

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Very good! but the acoustic guitar too spacey for the really upbeat rhythm. Back off the reverb, I would say

Is the voice too low? Sounds like you have something to say so maybe a bit more volume on the vocals would be better.

Also is it possible you could have sang it louder? I say get up, take a deep breath and neighbors be damned. It's not a question of volume but of intensity. Imagine you're in a café and you're not miced. Belt 'em out, boy!

I want you screaming in my ears

Makes me want to dance as much as it makes me wonder where the drum is. I think even a basic drum sample would be cool. Thihnk of the drum part in led zeppelins bron yr stomp

I like that it's short-ish. A lot of singer songwriter tend to drag on and on which gets annoying. Do your thing and then GTFO.

I like the changes and the tempo in general. Cuts a bit short at the end though, doesn't it? I want to hear that chord ring out!

Mostly very good though. Don't change notes, chords or singing. Just rearrange it a tad

I would appreciate the C4C here:
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Great song man!! I enjoyed the overall feeling in it. But you should use less reverb on both guitar and voice, as it will sound brighter and defined. Maybe throw in some subtle chorus and delay effects instead of reverb, or along with it.

Keep up the good work
I know this is a demo, but the way the audio is bouncing around (not sure if it's double-tracked guitar or stereo delay or both) is a bit disconcerting on headphones for me. The guitar riffs are good. The singing & vocals melodies are quite good. I'm certainly not against a 60's vibe/sound. The song itself is very good. Please review my music at this link: