Hi! I'm just a UG user who has a band and I'm not going to bother hyping it up much. We put out our debut album and I thought I'd post it -


Let me know if you have any thoughts! I'm the singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter, although when it comes to leads I share lead duty with my other guitarist who I'll be blunt is FAR better at guitar than I am.

I will say though that we're Death Metal and we take influences from Thrash Metal, Prog, Jazz, a small amount of Hard Rock. Our biggest goal was to capture the sound of the early days of Technical Metal, where every instrument was doing something, but it still sounded like music and not just wankery.

So yea, comments on the production, the songwriting, any individual instrument's performance and how they all come together, etc etc etc... I welcome it, positive or negative.

If you'd prefer to listen to it on Bandcamp, you can here -


If there's a particular song to focus attention on, since this is a guitar website, I thought this was the most guitar driven song off the album -

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Yea thanks for your critique on my thread and the comparison to buckethead I was like whaaa.... yea right . Anyway I got to say I listened to reborn and a renaissance of thought. I love your band, it's not trying to be something it's not, it sounds like it comes very natural to you guys, this type of sound is just something that doesn't exist anymore in the genre in modern times and that's awesome, it just doesn't give a **** It pursues its own self interest as a means of fulfillment and happiness, and doesn't seem to worry about conforming or catering to a wide audience, now that's death metal lol .
I don't really have time to listen to the whole thing at the moment, but I'll give you what I can.

It starts of really, really good. Sounds very cool, old school but still fresh. Everything's recorded properly and I can hear everything clearly. There's minor quirks, like I'd like the bass to be clearer and such, but that's just me probably. The vocals sound good but they're also the least professional part of the record. Production wise they're very nice though, and I like the way you use vocal harmonies, gives it a creepy feel at points.

All things considered it sounds pretty bloody amazing. Guitar parts are badass, I like the use of bass guitar and the drums are spot on. I'll keep the video in mind and listen to it fully when I'm less busy. I'm quite the fan of technical, progressive and jazzy death metal, bands like Death, Atheist, Obscura, Morbus Chron, Opeth and a ton of others are among my favourites. I especially like bands with an old school vibe (if you've never heard of Morbus Chron you probably should listen to them) and this record as far as I listened hit the mark very well.

And the artwork is just amazing. Like I seriously ****ing love it. Even if the record was utter crap I'd buy that on vinyl just to get the cover. Good thing that this sounds great, if you're releasing it on vinyl make a youtube vid or something to let me know and I'll get it.

EDIT: Oh right, you asked for comments especially on Reborn. The intro is very nice, a cool guitar solo. It is a pretty common death metal lead but that is not a bad thing really, it fit the style really well. And at this point I'm starting to see that your drummer is pretty sweet, cool fills and beats alike. I love the drum production as well. The track is beautiful, the clean progression isn't that new or unique but it lays a backing for some breathtaking leads. Very cool. I'm not sure if I "get" the pads that come in after the second solo, but neither did they hinder the track. This reminds me of "Voice of the Soul" by Death (which you obviously know and love, right? Right?) and even though I can't accept that anything death metal related is as beautiful as that track I have to say that I enjoyed Reborn on a similar way.
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Voice of the Soul is great. The original version of Reborn was more like Voice of the Soul, with no drums or bass or anything and I eventually decided that I wanted to play it live, so we made a "live version" that was more involving for the whole band, and that's why it came out the way it is now.

And thanks! That's a lot of good things to hear. As the singer I can admit the vocals are the least "professional" but that's a little bit intentional, I wanted to try to make it as natural a performance as I could, because I'm sick of singers these days doing throat preserving and projection techniques instead of just outright yelling. My goal was to make it sound like a real human voice, similar to early Death Metal vocals with some additional influence from bands like Dillinger Escape Plan and Faith no More.

I definitely think it came together nicely and is a package worth presenting to people, and I just hope the word gets spread out, not just for me but for my bandmates who continue to impress me with their creativity.

Yeah, I've gotten mixed feelings about the artwork but I love it. Not sure if it fits the music that well? But that was kind of my idea, I wanted it to not look like what we sound like, because I want to differentiate the band so that people don't start thinking we're a generic Cannibal Corpse wanna-be and we get buried in a sea of bands that all strive to look the same art-wise.
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