Hey dude,

Awesome to hear another track from you! "speak truth and die" has a lot of promising ideas. There are some impressive riffs sprinkled throughout. I love your lead note choice. I really enjoyed the legato phrasing. As for the mix, I felt that the guitars were a bit too loud (at least rhythm). I also think this track could be balanced out a little more with a bassline.

Here are some of the moments which caught my attention:
0:00 - 0:20 I wasn't really digging the intro to be honest, it felt a bit scattered. However, the sections that immediately followed it were more focused.

1:10-1:35 Those legato licks are sick!

2:08 I felt like the rhythm and lead guitars were clashing for attention here. Perhaps turning the levels down on the rhythm or changing the lead tone would alleviate this?

2:27 I love the clean, twangy tone you have here.

Could you please check out my track? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1679774
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Pretty good. I think on the soft part, if you could turn the hit velocity down on the drum track so it's a bit softer to match, that'd be better?

I thought the solos were really good, though I agree that the mix could be a bit better. It reminds me of a Buckethead type song and that's a positive, Buckethead's great.

Overall pretty good song, and I like the soft part towards the end despite thinking the drums are a bit too loud during that part.

If you want to do C4C then let me know what you think of this track -


here's the forum post - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=33464266#post33464266

Of course that's only if you want to, I'm happy to just listen to people's creative works, it's exciting.
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Sweet drums straight from the start. I like the clean part, the transition to crunch is a bit odd, but fine as it is. And holy shieet these riffs. Great stuff delicious co-operation between guitar tracks. Cool guitar solos, you're definitely a talented player, not only technically either, the leads were pleasantly musical. There were a couple of riffs that were a bit more generic but nothing to make the track worse. I like the idea of the clean lead part as well, very beautiful and skillful.

I'd say that I haven't heard an instrumental this interesting in a while. It was a great song
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I am really not trying to bump my thread I just want to thank you guys for the indepth critique and also the fantastic compliments it makes me feel good . I agree most of my tracks would be better with some bass but I sold my seven string and when I would record I would use that to beef up the recording a little, i know that is a little ghetto, also I know the intro kind of sucks I rushed it and said **** it. I am not savvy at all when it comes to using my DAW but it's a work in progress, I use reaper with my pod. I also think it's crazy that some of you think I am technical in anyway shape or form haha, I guess because I just consider myself a hobbyist for music and guitar I do not really take it all too seriously and just have fun.
cool intro clean riff - the riffs and guitar melody afterward to my ears need more construction
riff at 0.40 is KILLER!!! lead tone is nice and smooth - im liking it more as youre going along but it could do with a more solid structure to underpin it all - this is just my opinion on your songwriting though
If you're saying that style is one you're not proficient in, well you fooled me!
The intro is a bit Korn-ish but it ramps up a notch. Excellent soloing and fast runs. The change at the end was a nice contrast. The drumming throughout was spot on.

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Hello there.

As said above, very nice work. The intro has a nice brooding feeling to it. The riffs are good and the soloing is tight and fast. The clean part at the end is a nice change, I just felt it could have been developed into a more polished ending.

Rely the only thing that lets it down a little is the mix - but if this wasnt intended to be a fully polished piece then thats no biggie. FWIW - I think a little eq'ing hear and there could make it sound a lot clearer.

Anyway - nice track, I want to hear more.

This is a pretty good mesh-up for an idea run. I can hear a lot of good points made in the song but as someone mentioned above, the lack of mixing in the song is holding it back. The lead guitar has to be more fluent; the cut-off play style makes it sound like you couldn't get over it.

And a bass line, definitely. The power of metal comes through bass.

Overall; if this was a teaser, I'd be very psyced to hear a fully produced version of this!

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1678157
Immediately enjoying the superb drum sound, which is fully complimented by the super present guitar sound. However, this sumptuous sonic spectacle suffers from a lack of bass guitar, which it definitely needs for cohesion and full spectrum satisfaction.
Some fantastic frenetic playing, super tight and incisive. I feel that this talent needs to be focused into something more accessible, perhaps with a suitably strong vocalist and lyricist, or maybe as an instrumental. But even as it stands, it could work as excellent film or image music.
Fantastic work here, that could go much further if developed to it's full potential. A consummate mastery of idiom is displayed, along with a lovely nuanced touch and impressive imagination and faculty on the guitar. But please get a bass guitar - I'm sure with your ability you'll be playing appropriate bass lines in no time,,,,,
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