Well I finally got around to recording an original song as opposed to the covers I usually do. Working with new DAW and don't feel as if I have even scratched the surface of it yet. Either way, I wanted to put it out on the forums and see what kind of comments or criticism I get.

Come to Pass
Yea great sound here 0:01-0:23 made me physically happy I just got done making some tea turned your track on and instantly imagined myself not being in a dark room with no light and a computer screen blinding me at 1 in the morning, but on a porch somewhere watching a sunrise smelling the morning dew, and taking that first sip of tea and a monarch butterfly landing on my nose, and me petting it for a couple seconds and then it flying off to do what butterflies do. Anyway I am going to be honest here since honesty is the most important virtue to have unless you're standing in front of men with guns, when your voice first came in to the track I kind of laughed it was a little cheesy for me, but it grew on me as the song progressed.

The rhythm and chords accompanies your voice well enough but I think it might sound better if your voice was lower, or the guitar was louder, the vocal harmony at 1:08-1:30 sounds great so . The lyrical content is well thought out and flows very nicely through the song. One particular line that resonated with me in the song is "a wonderful magnificent release" I couldn't help but think of my phallus at that very moment.

2:22 when it gets more upbeat was awesome I had a huge smile on my face, I just started thinking about myself walking down an old towns dirt road with a top hat on swinging my arms and elbows out in front of me periodically being stopped by the friendly neighbors out and about while pretending that their small talk and jokes are funny. I look forward to hearing more of your tracks in the future thanks for sharing.

C4C.. When you can check out my most recent recording https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1679810