Hey I need some help, been trying to get into some better sound and looking at amp sims and interfaces to play from my computer. The best quality videos I always find they always use a sim (Killrbuckeye for example remember him?) Well there's this amazing guitar player I found and I have two questions for you guys...

Here's the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZORBTc3tNpo
(Yes it's a japanese song from an anime but this guy is a god and his sound quality is absurdly good)

1. Could you tell me what he is using by estimation? I see a program running in the background but don't know which, as well as maybe how he gets such a clear tone?

2. How does he do whatever the hell that is at 0:18 seconds
1. he could be using anything, there's no real info in that vid.
For a similar sound try the LePou Le456.

2. seems like he's simply sliding the pick on the string from the bridge to the headstock.

I recommend you head to the amp sims sticky in the recording section and have a look at the options there.
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I can't answer the gear questions, but I would say to imitate his tone go with medium gain and roll back the bass on whatever amp/sim you're using.

The technique in question is called "auto-flanging." Basically you do a series of hammer-ons and very lightly drag your picking hand across the string being played, sort of like how you would tap a natural harmonic. Moving it back and forth will make the titular flange sound. There are a lot of videos on Youtube that explain it in greater detail.