Hey guys! Been playing on and off for 13 years now...I've recently decided I need a new guitar and honestly I don't know barely anything about them enough to know what I'm looking for. I want something that would do well for playing mostly hard rock and occasional metal.
I've heard allot recommendations for dbz, prs, ivanez etc... Like I mentioned I'm not too knowledgeable, so what would be sufficient in regards to pickups(active/passive), for the right sound? Nice comfortable body? Reliable in all other areas?
Check that fourth "sticky" thread and provide as much of that information as you can.

It's going to ask for things like budget, your location (some guitars are either unavailable or not bargains where you are?) and so on.

At the moment, almost ANY guitar over $100 will fit.
I would go to a shop and play around to see what styles you like. Ask an employee for help and recommendations. Shops like guitar center usually have a 30 day return policy, take advantage if you buy a guitar you dont like.
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A pretty vague question. There's thousands upon thousands of guitars that can do rock and metal. At least a price range would help us. Though without even knowing you can't go wrong with an ibanez. Pretty much the staple rock/metal guitar. Good ones at all price points, light/comfortable to play, reliable and easily modifiable etc.
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