Tipping typing is like a
tip a tapping on a
giant’s sweaty hollow forehead;

he has sixty zillion fingers all chained to the walls
and the walls are chained to cliffs
and the cliffs are chained to sharks and tugboats;
they pull us around the sun
the sun is chained to trees who huff and puff

they’re all locked up together and
I am not a-chained to the keys
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
oh man i really like this one. especially the middle stanza. sharks and tugboats pulling us around the sun by chains is the type of imagery i love. i am a little bit unsure how the first&last lines fit in, but maybe i just don't get it yet.
kill all humans
The tongue twister leading into a stream of child-like creativity is great, youthful and energetic and perceptive. Everything is chained to everything and I like that.

Personally I'd cut out "who huff and puff", doesn't quite fit rhythmically and it's over explaining an otherwise nuts line:

"they pull us around the sun
the sun is chained to trees"

Real strong understanding and delivery.