does anyone have any info on Vester or their basses? I bought one from my friend for a whooping $25 and cant find anything online about them really. I know what model i have but haven't seen another one anywhere online. Ill try to put up pictures as soon as i figure out how to downsize the memory.
Vester was a brand name put on a number of imported guitars and basses some years ago. The instruments were made in South Korea and Japan. Some of them were very good. Most of Vester's bass designs were knockoffs of popular brands, though they stood out because they made copies of a number of Warwick basses - most notably the Warwick "Thumb" bass. They also did some rather impressive finishes - I have seen a Vester Ibanez knockoff that was solid gloss white: body, fretboard, neck, headstock. It definitely looked cool.

This guy likes his Vester bass so much that he wrote a song titled "Mr. Vester:"


For $25.00, you probably got a lot of bass for very little money.
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It's been the best $25 I've ever spent. The electronics are the originals from 91 so they need to be rewired but it still sounds great. Has a jazzy tone kind of, I'm considering converting it to a fretless and dropping some Barts in her though.