we will all contract the alien parasite, the last few
purposely because they did not want to be left out
and despite the parasite life will go on, we will learn
to live with it, and once in a while
even forget it exists

but we will be reminded of it hourly
for it will contort our faces into unrecognizable monstrosities
and turn our cheeks purple and cause us
to bleed green liquid from our joints and our gums

and it will change us so that i will not recognize you
and you will not recognize me when we pass each other in the street
or even speak to each other in a bar while trying to ignore
the alien parasite
and it affects the brain as well, so even if i do find you
you will be fundamentally altered and i will also
be fundamentally altered

so i will work as a gardener for the doctor who invented
the cure for nihilism and try to prevent the ooze dripping from my face
from falling into the tomatoes and peas
kill all humans